Chef MATT Condon

Working with everything from handpicked cuts of meat to the freshest vegetables and fruits, Chef Condon loves a hands-on approach to food that helps his dishes shine.

Chef Condon moved to Chicago after high school to pursue his cooking dreams, first landing at Siena Tavern before learning about butchery at historic Gene’s Sausage Shop in the Lincoln Square neighborhood. His time there helped him make the jump to Little Goat Diner, Chef Stephanie Izard’s popular eatery, where he eventually earned the title of head butcher.

Chef's NOTES

The food is an honest take on all the food I grew up loving or eating. I have a classically trained background but much more prefer to cook and enjoy the grit and honesty of foods of the American South and Midwest. The food we’re serving has borrowed elements from so many different places but all lands in one perfect, delicious spotWe want to take food that is often described as heavy and rich and make it fresh, zesty and more approachable. We utilize tons of fresh vegetables and grains to really make a vegetable forward menu something everyone will love. Is it a southern restaurant? No. Is it A new American restaurant? Maybe? Is it a place that will make you smile when you eat there? Absolutely.